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The Fine Cider Company Still & Dry Cider Selection

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The king of complexity, the most varied & nuanced! It's the domain of the still & dry!! From the unique form of single varieties, to the subtle layers of a blend. The majority of the cider that history has produced was still & dry, so has been in the mind of cider considerations for generations; from how it's aged, to what apples are used. 

In this selection we're exploring this extraordinary style, asking the question of if cider is headed down the route of wine; with an abundance of varied & glorious still dry ciders, being made all around the world; with unique local styles, poured by the glass, & certain dishes becoming classic pairings to certain ciders. Have a try, & see what you think of the domain of still, dry cider! 

This selection currently contains (case of 3 also available, containing items marked with an *):

Find & Foster Root 2018 

Find & Foster Blossom

Oliver's Vintage 2021 *

Little Pomona Art of Darkness 2021 *

Wilding Cider Cooth Orchard 2021

Naughton Homage To Hogg 2022 

 All the bottles are subject to availability, where the advertised item is not available we will substitute cider or perry for the next available vintage or a similar item.  

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