Who we are:

We are a cider merchant!
Specialising in the finest small batch ciders & perries, delivering direct to the public all across the country, & supplying the nations best restaurants; from Michelin starred & the World’s 50 best, to wonderful local restaurants.

As J.M. Trowbridge, of New York, said in 1890: “Good cider is a much greater rarity than good wine”. This is still true today, & as our customers know, good cider is also cheaper than good wine, yet no less varied, complex, fascinating, and expressionate of the terroir from which it comes.

We specialise mainly in fine British ciders & perries; exquisite bottles sourced from different corners of the country, & made by some of the best cider makers on the planet. They have not travelled far & are in so many ways, as John Evelyn said, ‘the native English wine’. Or as Laurie Lee put it, the ‘wine of wild orchards’, being the creation of our countryside, & the fruit of our summer.


Pellicle Magazine

Pellicle Magazine

In an industry that has in many ways remained unchanged for so long, sometimes a new perspective is needed. Sometimes, you need a complete outsider to come in and crash the party to show you how you could do things differently—and, indeed, better.

Enter Felix Nash, someone with no background in the drinks industry—or any kind of industry for that matter—but armed with an insatiable curiosity, boundless enthusiasm, and multiple revelations of under-the-radar ciders and perries from his roots in Herefordshire and Somerset.   

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