Homage to Hogg 2022

Naughton Homage to Hogg 2022

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Still Dry Fine Cider

With Homage to Hogg the idea for Peter Crawford the maker was to create something unique, a true reflection of the brilliance, beauty and elegance of the apple. 

Robert Hogg was, rightfully known as, the father of British pomology, he coined the term Vintage fruit referring to apples that were of good enough quality to produce vintage Cider. Here we have a blend of two famous cider apples, the Kingston Black, an aromatic strong bittersharp & the Yarlington Mill, a full bodied spicey bittersweet apple.

Golden orange! Opaque. Cloudy!

Nose full of leather, orange, blackcurrant and cinnamon. Creamy front end with a warm palate full of juicy apple, clementine and a defining acidic grip on the finish. Any tannin that is felt has integrated delightfully with the oak to reveal a sweet perfumed and gripping mid to late. Alc. 7.6% vol.


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