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The Fine Cider Company Scottish Cider & Perry Selection

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Scotland is, perhaps, not the first place you think of when it comes to Cider… Yet, quietly, but thoroughly, over just the last five or so years, dozens of new Cider makers have been popping up, all over its fine landscape.

With that energy perhaps afforded only to a clean slate, a context in which the rules of Cider are not yet written, many of these makers are defining a distinct approach to their making; often focusing on the eating and desert fruit, so loved by American makers, rather than the west country incumbents.

Be it in a minimal intervention manner, or making the most refined of styles. The cider makers of Scotland are certainly starting to show why Scotland should be known and appreciated as a fine cider-making region, and Scottish cider is understood as distinct in its own right. 

The selection contains: 

Naughton Cider -  Traditional Method 

Linn Cider Antricotin, Longbois, Gin, Brandy, & Hellens Earl 

Naughton Cider Overture 2020 

All the bottles are subject to availability & vintage change, being made in small batches by fine cider makers. Where the advertised vintage is not available we will substitute cider or perry for the next available vintage or a similar item.

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