Overture 2020

Naughton Overture 2020

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Traditional Method Dry Sparkling Fine Cider

A Traditional Method blend of Cider and culinary apples from the 2020 harvest. Bottled in 2021, disgorged May 2023, 0g/ltr. This fruity and playful blend perfectly captures the diverse nature of the humble apple. Peter oak vinifies the bittersweet and bittersharp apples to carefully soften the tannins, and then brightens the profile by adding oak and steel vinified culinary apples. Champagne yeast is utilised for primary fermentation and barrels that have previously been used to make Champagne.

The result is a palate full of freshness but with a lovely dash of complexity from the cider apples. Crisp, fruity with notes of toffee, toast and lemon peel. The perfect pairing for hard cheeses and cold cuts. Abv 7.5%

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