Traditional Method Cider & Perry Selection

The Fine Cider Company Traditional Method Cider & Perry Selection

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All of these exceptional bottles were made with the Traditional Method (which is also known as the 'Champagne Method'). They are each something special, holding complexity & layers of flavour, not simply vibrant bubbles.  Making cider sparkling via fermentation in the bottle has been done for a long time, since before the likes of Champagne were even invented. So what you are drinking when you drink a Traditional Method cider is centuries in the making, a refinement of technique that has few rivals. The key lies in aging and a clever selection of varieties, to give nuance and complexity to the finished cider or perry. 


Find & Foster - Appellation 2020 - from Devon

Little Pomona - Brut de Poiré 2021 - from Herefordshire 

Naughton Cider - Traditional Method 2020 Brut Vintage- from Fife, Scotland

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