Selection for Natural Wine Lovers

The Fine Cider Company Selection for Natural Wine Lovers

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A few new vinous delights - distinctly cider, yet easily understandable & drinkable by those natural wine lovers out there. This is intriguing, complex cider-making; their bottles are often dry & mature, or lively & young. It shows at an expert level just how far small-batch cider-making can be taken, away from mass-market cider.  

From the cider equivalent of orange wine, to juicy pét nats  & fruity co ferments and the depths of still & dry in between. For anyone who loves natural wine, but finds it can cost a fair bit, this is the perfect selection to get stuck into! 


Selection of 3 includes:

Find & Foster x TATE - Pet Nat 2022

Little Pomona - Orange Cider 2022 *

Starvecrow - Cherry Carbo 2021  *

Wilding - Cooth Orchard Selection

Starvecrow - Pét Nat Cyder 2020

Little Pomona - To Boldly Go the Metamorphosis 2021

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