To Boldly Go, The Metamorphosis, 2021

Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery To Boldly Go, The Metamorphosis, 2021

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Sparkling Dry Fine Perry Co-Ferment with Grapes

To Boldly Go opens a new frontier in winemaking – or do we mean perry making?

This creation began with a small but ripe crop of Solaris grapes, sent for a four week, whole bunch, carbonic maceration, before being pressed off with more grapes, Seyval Blanc. This nascent wine was sent to tank to ferment spontaneously. As the month turned from October to November, the team pressed two varieties of perry pears ‒ Long Bois & Antricotin ‒ running some of this juice into the wine to make a roughly 50/50 blend of grape and pear.

Serious but fun at the same time, this version of To Boldly Go is the perfect combination of two fruits. The perry pears are revealed in the creamy texture, residual sweetness, honeysuckle aromatics and juicy nectarine flavours, whilst the grapes show themselves with Yuzu lemon, peachiness, citrusy lime, fine-boned acid, palate weight and something, well, distinctly grapey! Abv 7.9%.


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