THE LIST - Release No.5 - IsCider 2014 & Eden Falstaff 2014

Brännland THE LIST - Release No.5 - IsCider 2014 & Eden Falstaff 2014

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Brännland Iscider & Eden Specialty Ciders - very limited edition, 10th anniversary List-release  


Eleanor Leger of Eden Specialty Ciders is renowned, not just in the world of Ice Cider, but throughout the cider world. And the meeting of Andreas & Eleanor, early on in Andreas' Ice Cider making, saw her become both his mentor, and a friend.


Eden Ice Cider was the first Ice Cider that truly blew Andreas away; it showcased the true potential the apple holds for making dessert wine. So it seems only fitting, that to celebrate 10 years of Brannland, of pioneering cider making, that we bring together the bottles of these two makers (Andreas' brilliant idea), and take a journey back in time, almost a full decade, by virtue of some very special bottles...


So this List Release sees a very limited edition (just a dozen) pair of bottles - both from the 2014 season. Not only made by two of the best Ice Cider makers on the planet, but a truly rare chance to experience the elegant ageing Ice Cider can undertake, & to celebrate the creations of Brannland. 


And for those of you who know "Shhhhhhhh....". 

First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

No, but I'm working on it