THE LIST - Release No.2 - Ellenäs Lobo 2014

Brännland THE LIST - Release No.2 - Ellenäs Lobo 2014

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It is always nice to drink a bit of history, especially if it’s a good story like this one, told by the maker Andreas: in theory high acidity & sugar content gives wines a good ageing potential, but I still can't help myself from getting amazed how young & timeless this cider still seems. Absolutely gobsmacking, however.. the best is yet to come?


Tasting notes by Joel Welander:


Crystal clear, bright amber flirting with mahogany.

Pronounced and bright candied apple and caramel, hints of hazelnut.

Elegant and intense flavours of candied apples, caramel and nuts. Big juicy strawberries luring in the background. Trademark fresh and vibrant acidity and a crunchy minerality. 

A 375ml bottle - originally 500 were made, only 24 aged bottles are now available via The List!! 

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First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

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