The Fundamentals of Fine Cider

The Fine Cider Company The Fundamentals of Fine Cider

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Maybe you've heard of fine cider & are wondering what it is? Well The Fundamentals of Fine Cider is the perfect place to start. You'll get to simply & easily taste & learn what it's all about - afterwards, you'll know all the basics, all of the simple but important things; like what Keeved cider tastes like, the difference between mass market cider & fine cider, the history of cider, the origin of apples & how fine cider is made.  

You'll get some beautiful bottles to drink, & online access to a series of wonderful articles telling you about of these things & more, in a thorough but bite-sized way. As well as tech sheets for each of the bottles you taste, telling you how they were made, suggesting food pairings, etc. If you like cider, or simply something good to drink, this is for you. It's our years of experience, leading the way in the world of fine cider, distilled into the perfect starting point; exactly what we dreamed existed when first set off down this wonderful road... 

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