Our Perry Selection

The Fine Cider Company Our Perry Selection

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If you want to discover the lesser known but utterly exceptional world of perry, this is the selection to try! Exactly which bottles are in the selection will vary from season to season as our makers work in a very small batch, seasonal way. 

Right now it contains (selection of 3 bottles is also available, containing the bottles with an *): 

Gregg's Pit Aylton Red, Blakeney Red, Butt & Gregg's Pit 2020  *

Wilding Cider Blakeney Red & Yellow Huffcap 2020 

Wilding Cider Perry Hill 2020 *

Oliver's Barrel Room Series Mouthful of Perry #3

Oliver's Fickle Mistress 2020

Oliver's Saison des Poires 2020

Where the advertised vintage is not available we will substitute perry for the next available vintage or a similar item. 

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