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As the seasons shift & the days get colder, there is nothing better than the rich comfort of spice on your cheeks, & gently steaming warmth on your fingertips & in your belly, that mulled cider gifts!  

Our Mulled Cider is based on an old recipe; a style of mulling that dates back to Roman times, was highly prized in the Middle Ages, & includes such spices as mace, galangal & dash of black pepper! All you need to do is combine the cider & spice mix, heat, stir, & serve. 

The cider we have chosen this year is an exquisite vintage Oliver's cider, from the 2021 season, that has been aged in the vanilla oak of old Irish Whiskey casks, for extra depth and warmth - it is something truly superior. 

We have 3 options available, each comes with the corresponding amount of our beautiful spice & sugar mix: 

A single 750ml bottle of Oliver's Vintage 2021 cider with sugar/spice mix 

A case of three 750ml bottles of Oliver's Vintage 2021 cider with sugar/spice mix

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