Oldfield Perry 2022

Wilding Cider Oldfield Perry 2022

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Sparkling Medium Sweet Fine Perry 

“Making Oldfield sometimes feels like a highwire act” - Beccy & Sam of Wilding have said. Because unlike most pears they work with, it is not ripe when it drops and it needs time to mature on the floor or in crates - Sam & Beccy prefer on the orchard floor where the floor is good. At the same time the access to the orchard is getting more difficult as the month goes on in November. 

Oldfield is however very well suited to Rural Method perry, indeed it seems reluctant to ferment naturally to become dry. The high acid and relatively high tannin work extremely well with the sweetness. 

Lusciously sweet but with a delicate prickle of fizz, mouthwatering pear skin tannins and a delicious lemony acid which keep the whole fresh and tantalisingly delicious. Aromas of quince, whole lemons, pears. Alc. 5.9%.

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