Little Pomona Selection

Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery Little Pomona Selection

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Made by James & Susanna Forbes, Little Pomona uses traditional Herefordshire cider apple varieties in fascinating ways; they use these tannin high varieties and love to experiment. 


Coming from a wine background, they often favour a good acid structure to their ciders, and use a minimal intervention approach, but without going into the realms of dogma. Often ageing for years at a time, and with a fascinating barrel program. 


This is fascinating, complex cider making; their bottles are often dry, lively or mature, not simple & sweet. It shows at an expert level just how far small batch cider making can be taken, away from mass market cider.  


Selection of 3 includes:


Table Cider 2019

Dead Flowers 2018

Cryo-Conditioned Cider 2018


Selection of 6 is also available! 

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