Pet Nat Cider  2022

Linn Cider Pet Nat Cider 2022

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Sparkling Dry Fine Cider

Blends between apples and pears are uncommon, nowadays with negative connotations of mass market 'Pear ciders' but when these closely related fruits are in the hands of young exciting cider makers like Jack & Izata the combination can be thrilling, like this wonderful Pet Nat.

The apples and pears are from Edinburgh and the Fife area. Fermented slowly in Sherry butts for 1 year before being topped up with 5% pear juice and bottled. Creating fizz naturally in the bottle. The duo are very pleased with this one, it's showing a beautiful nose, vibrancy in the mouth & should be enjoyed in a decent universal glass.

Bursting with sharp green apple, raisin, hay and lychee. This is good to start a meal or eat with light fish, summery green vegetables with lively dressings. Abv 6.8% vol.

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