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Find & Foster Find & Foster Selection

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Find & Foster says it all: cider makers Polly & Mat Hilton find & foster lost Devon orchards; often a century or more old, & containing rare or old Devon apple varieties

The cider they make is exquisite, full of technical forms such as Keeving & the 'Champagne Method'. But it's also low intervention, & some of the most refined around. 

If you want a glimpse of the future of cider, at its best, this is the selection to try...

Selection of 6 contains one of each of these bottles: 

Blossom - Still & Dry  * 

Root 2018 - Still & Dry 

Pet Nat Cider 2022

Appellation 2020 - Traditional Method Cider

Five Trees Perry 2021 / 2022 *

Selection of 3 is also available containing  bottles  with an * Please note in a case of 6 you will receive 2 bottles of the Pet Nat cider.

All of the bottles are subject to availability, & when an advertised bottle is no longer available we will substitute it for a different one - such as a different vintage - or a second of another bottle. 

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