Root 2018

Find & Foster Root 2018

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Bone Dry Still Fine Cider

Made from a mixture of big tannic bittersweet apples harvested in 2018, from a couple of traditional orchards Find & Foster have begun to work with; namely Woodrow & Luxton's. The apples were picked from the oldest sections & most ancient trees in these orchards. These quite bitter & tannic apples were fermented together, spontaneously by wild yeasts, in stainless steel then transferred to French oak barrels where they matured for 18 months.


Bottled & then aged further, the key factor for making this cider was to give it time for those robust tannins to soften. It should be treated like a marvellous Bordeaux wine; being full bodied, savoury, with silky smooth tannins, hints of tobacco & spice, & a deep woody grain running through it. Can be served at room temperature, alongside a lovely steak frites or a gamey venison dish. Alc. 7.3 % vol.


*Please note: these bottles may no longer come with wax tops (owing to the limited number of bees in Find & Foster's orchards, & the amount of wax they can create)

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