At The Hop Cider #11

Oliver’s At The Hop Cider #11

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Sparkling Medium Fine Cider infused with Hops 

Tom Oliver's family majored in hop growing a generation or two ago before Tom turned his eye to cider, so a wonderful little family connection lies behind Oliver's At The Hop, hop infused cider. His family farm in Herefordshire sits in a wonderful hop growing region; as you drive throughout the county you see not just endless orchards but hop poles, either empty or adorned depending on the time of year, & the rise of craft beer has only cemented such sightings!

A fully fermented dry cider with good bittersweet fruit character then infused with UK grown Admiral and Harlequin hops. Deep earthy hop aroma with a juicy character with a citrus and orange flavour. A beautifully integrated and playful combination of hop and apple. Fermented with wild yeasts. Alc 7% vol


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