Iscider 2019 (Magnum)

Brännland Iscider 2019 (Magnum)

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Still Sweet Ice Cider

Now this is something truly special; a true celebration bottle!! Not only is it a Magnum, but it comes from an exceptional year & has incredible ageing potential: 


The vintage differs from previous years as a result of the 2019 harvest being markedly different from 2018. Where 2018 was a record year both in terms of fruit quality and harvest volume, 2019 was the opposite. Harsh conditions at flowering and pollination and a weak harvest. The 2019 was a sigh in comparison to the previous vintage which can be said to be the best Swedish harvest in decades. Apple trees also need their rest.

As a result Brannland were left with a much smaller volume of apples to work with in 2019. In order to balance the raw material, work hours and final production volumes they decided to extract at a slightly lower sugar level than they normally do. At bottling the vintage is light and ethereal and at present it shows more white flowers than heavy apple character. Drinkable now but with a strong integrity for long ageing. In spite of its lightness the vintage does not lack concentration. One of the few Ice Ciders we know of in Europe made with Natural Cold. It's a Magnum size bottle that comes presented in a wooden box. Abv 9.5% 

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