Traditional Method Brut Vintage 2020

Naughton Traditional Method Brut Vintage 2020

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Traditional Method Sparkling Fine Cider

A delightful 'champagne' method cider from makers Naughton in Fife, Scotland. Peter Crawford and his family have been making elegant fine cider from the local culinary and eating apples for the last years which are best suited to creating this sparkling dry cider in the manner of the best champagnes. 

2020 was a generous harvest and all the fruit ripened with a terrific balance of sugars and acids. A mixture of ex Champagne oak vessels and stainless steel come together here for clean, lemony, ntty and brisk flavours. A fine string of small bubbles to the fore creates a creamy texture followed by zesty acids with a green apple and digestive biscuity finish. Abv 8.1%

You can also find this in our Traditional Method Selection, along with all of the bottles mentioned recently in the FT article: Is cider the next champagne? by Alice Lascelles, read it HERE

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