Yarlington Mill Bottle Conditioned 2022

Oliver’s Yarlington Mill Bottle Conditioned 2022

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Sparkling Medium Fine Cider

Oliver's Cider favourite bittersweet cider apple, Yarlington Mill 95% with a 5% addition of two bittersharp apples, the Frederick and Foxwhelp, to help balance up the full bodied nature of the Yarlington Mill variety with some acidity. All Herefordshire Yarlington Mill apples, probably the best in the country.

This cider has finished its fermentation in the bottle, creating lively fizz and mousse in the glass. The classic Yarlington Mill floral and spicey nose. Soft tannins with clove and nutmeg character with ripe red apple fruit. The natural sweetness allows the gentle earthy apple and floral spice to fill the mouth and the blend of the bitter sharp apples keeps the acidity enough to make for a thirst quenching Herefordshire Yarlington Mill cider.  Chill well before opening carefully. Abv 5.9%

You can also find this bottle in our Oliver's selection case.

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