The Mayflower - Fourth Voyage Into Uncharted Territory 2020

Oliver’s The Mayflower - Fourth Voyage Into Uncharted Territory 2020

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Sparkling Medium Fine Cider Blended With an Ice Cider 

Barrel fermented & aged cider co-fermented with partial ice cider: made with classic bittersweet & bittersharp varietals such as Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Michelin, Catley Red, Foxwhelp, & Redstreak, from traditional Herefordshire orchards grazed by sheep & Hereford cattle.

Opens up with a pop, & foamy pour that settles quickly. Golden in colour, the barrel wood & vanilla hits you first then ripe fruit, & layered fruity residual sweetness from the ice cider before pushy tartness makes itself known. This is a fruity barrel aged cider with full mouthfeel & long lasting aftertaste. Alc. 7.8% vol.

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