Guilty Pleasure

Oliver’s Guilty Pleasure

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Sparkling Medium Cider

A new batch of the Guilty Pleasure Ciders.

Inspired by the anarchic beauty of delicious street food, Tom has tied together bittersharps and bittersweet cider apples from Herefordshire, with mouth tingling acidity and a quenching light bitterness, it's a cider that twists and moves in wonderful ways.

The Stoke Red is really playing well with other bittersharps on top of a bed of Yarlington Mill and assorted bittersweets.

A fresher, smoother blend, it's lighter in tone with a softer tannic structure and lovely bit of spice and perfume. The lower abv is palate cleansing, beautiful on a hot day in the park with flavourful food or around the BBQ at home, fragrant red apple aromas entice, pops of acidity and tannins intermingling in harmony keep you coming back for more. Alc. 5.4%


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