Traditional Method 2020

Two Orchards Traditional Method 2020

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Sparkling Dry Traditional Method Fine Cider 

A brand new special cuvée from Ted & Fred at Two Orchards. This Traditional Method cider is composed from a blend of 7 varieties of apple including Bramley, Cox, Egremont Russet & Michelin. The hot dry summer of 2020 made for sweet ripe fruit which were sorted by hand from their own orchard and a traditional mature west country orchard. Gently pressed and fermented in stainless steel and oak barrels, bottled and laid on the lees for an extended period.


Each apple brings its own element, from the zingy acidity of Bramley, the subtle sweetness, and light fruit notes of Cox & Jonagold. The russet will bring some weight alongside the renowned Michelin. The time this cider has had to mature brings it with all the classic profiles you expect from a Traditional Method bottle. Delightful, perfect as a celebration bottle, a clever blend of fruit certainly means that this has many dimensions that will keep you coming back for more. Abv 7.6%.


You can also find this bottle in Our Celebration Selection.

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