Service Bottle Conditioned Cider 2021

Oliver’s Service Bottle Conditioned Cider 2021

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Bottle Conditioned Medium Fine Cider

A classic blend of late season bittersweet featuring Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Sheep's Nose, Michelin, and a host of small amounts of another 40 odd varietals from the Home Orchards. Keeved and bottled with some residual sweetness to condition in a beautifully full and lively way. Bottle conditioned Herefordshire cider as it was always meant to be.  This cider is called Service In Recognition of the late Queen Elizabeth 2nd. It is also to recognise the incredibly tough times that the hospitality industry has been through and the contribution that all those involved make to the enjoyment of good food and drink. 

Cork emerges with a good pop and a golden burnished lively liquid and mousse hits the glass. Ripe sweet apple with usual spice and tobacco, drinks with sweetness to the fore, and finishes with a clean, drying finish reminiscent of hedgerow blackberry fruit. Full in the mouth and so drinkable. Abv 5.7%.

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