Iscider Barrique 2021

Brännland Iscider Barrique 2021

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Still Sweet Ice Cider

Sumptuous and succulent dessert wine like barrel aged Ice Cider; this vintage has had prolonged ageing in barrel making it darker in colour, as well as on the palate. Compared to previous vintages of Barrique, for this one they really had to rely upon their wisdom for making these wines, the deep complexity and strength to this vintage meant it needed more patience before bottling.

This extra time softens & integrates the high acidity with the sweetness to create a deeper, more complex ice cider. Archetypally for Brannland, this is complex & has a wonderful balance between sweetness & acidity.

On the nose bright apple embraced by notes of dark roasted vanilla, butterscotch, and lightly whipped cream sweetened with demerara sugar. Fresh, ripe fruit with generous sweetness in taste. The high acidity creates tension, carries the sweetness, and leads the oxidized, creamy, toffee finish. Alc. 9 % vol.


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