Yarlington Mill, Porter’s Perfection & Sweet Coppin 2018

Wilding Cider Yarlington Mill, Porter’s Perfection & Sweet Coppin 2018

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Naturally Sparkling, Dry Fine Cider


A well balanced & easy to drink blend of three great cider apples varieties; the light & fresh Sweet Coppin is keeping tannin levels low enough to let the bittersweet Yarlington Mill & bittersharp Porter’s Perfection express themselves in the bottle & bring body & acidity.


Tannins are soft & voluptuous, the acid, from the Porter's, is characteristically high quality. Aromas of green apple, leather, ripe fruit, blossom, & orchard floor. Fermented with wild yeasts, with no sulphites, and no filtering or pasteurisation. Alc. 7.2%

First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

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