Ditcheat Hill Single Orchard Selection 2020

Wilding Cider Ditcheat Hill Single Orchard Selection 2020

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Lightly Naturally Sparkling Sweet Fine Cider


Ditcheat Hill is a special orchard, close to where Beccy & Sam, the makers of Wilding, live in Somerset. Each year we take a blend of the best fruit from here to make a light & easy drinking cider. This season the sugar levels were lower than previously on average & they have compensated for this by using a higher proportion of Ashton Brown Jersey & less Sweet Coppin than previously.


The result is very delicate & well balanced, very sweet but still complex. Excellent with cheese or apple based puddings. Notes of ripe apple, fruit salad, orchard floor. with soft tannins, sprightly acid & rich sweetness. Alc 3.4% vol. 

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