Winter Selection

Wilding Cider Winter Selection

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A selection of brand new releases!

The sun has turned its warmth to the Southern Hemisphere, & so in winter darkness we celebrate; celebrate the passing of the shorted day, by giving ourselves something nice & wonderful, to brighten dark nights.

And as a true reflection of the season, Wilding Cider, of history soaked Somerset, has released half a dozen delights; each a character of its own, formed by wild yeasts, & without the use of sulphites, filtration, or pasteurisation - clean but complex joys, of the most minimal intervention making... 

Ditcheat Hill 2022
Swap out the sherry for this elegant, softly sweet bottle. 

Cooth Orchard 2021 *  
With touches of spice & leather, this is the one to swap the red wine out for.

Reasons to be Cheerful 2021
What better way to celebrate, and be cheerful. Perfect with apple based dessert or  Cheshire cheese.

Dabinett, Browns and Chisel Jersey 2021
One for the evening, fruitful and rounded, from savoury snacks to pork

Malus - Pomona 

Made in the manner of Pommeau - a heavenly combination of aged apple brandy, with apple juice, is both youthful and succulent, while depthful and complex at the same time. 

Table Perry 2021

Great with a range of foods, from fresh cheeses to grilled fish, roast chicken to Thai food.

Case of 3 is also available, containing the bottles marked with an *.


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