Townsend Farm Selection

Townsend Farm Townsend Farm Selection

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At Townsend Farm, James Hall grows a ​variety of dessert & cider apples. Sat​ ​in ​the heart of ​Herefordshire, they began exploring​ fermenting their juice, keen to see how early ​or​ late​ harvest, & low or high-hanging ​fruit,​ impact the juice & the cider that results. This selection showcases the charms of the Dabinett apple a variety that is relatively low in acid and fairly high in tannin, its taste is marked by a unique savoury, almost meaty taste, that can even be reminiscent of fennel salami when used as a single variety. It can make a fascinating single-variety cider, but is also commonly used in blends.

Selection of 3 includes:

Dabinett Pet Nat 2021

Dabinett 2021

Dabinett 2021 & Jonagold 2022

Selection of 6 includes 2 of each of the bottles.

All the bottles are subject to availability & vintage change, being made in small batches by bespoke cider makers. Where the advertised bottle or vintage is not available we will substitute it for a similar item.

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