Tiny Dancer 2020

Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery Tiny Dancer 2020

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Barrel Aged Bittersweet Dry Cider


Tiny Dancer is the happy result of Little Pomona letting flying cidermaker and podcast host Martyn Goodwin Sharman, loose amongst their barrels, all 140 of them. Fortunately he has a very good nose for piecing together interesting blends and once again he hasn’t disappointed! This one gathers together three casks, two ex-cognac and one ex-Chardonnay, comprising 88% Dabinett and the remainder Harry Masters Jersey, that had been slumbering for 12 months.


White grape, peach, resin and a kiss of smoke on the nose. It’s crisp green apple and apricot on the palate, with prickly carbonation and soft, tannins dancing together for a long finish. This is versatile on the food front, from meaty white fish in herby sauces, to hearty lentil casseroles and spicy ratatouille. Serve chilled. Abv 7.7%.

First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

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