Stoke Red Single Variety #1 2020

Wilding Cider Stoke Red Single Variety #1 2020

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Naturally Sparkling Medium Sweet Fine Cider


The very biennial Abbot's Leigh orchard used by Wilding cider, had an on year (abundant crop of fruit) in 2020, giving them lots of beautiful Stoke red apples to work with. This is a single orchard, single variety cider made in the rural method to keep residual sugar, which is balanced by the high acid & full astringent tannins to give a beautifully poised drink.


There is a light sparkle, & it drinks very well with fresh cheeses, & with apple crumble, or afternoon tea. Having classic Stoke Red aromatics; roses, strawberries & cream, red apple. The acid is high quality & the tannins are very fine, giving a mouth-filling astringency. Alc. 3.8% vol. 

First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

No, but I'm working on it