Starvecrow/Tillingham Selection

Starvecrow Starvecrow/Tillingham Selection

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Made by Ben Walgate, of Tillingham Wines fame, not far from the sea, down near Rye in East Sussex (Starvecrow is made in collaboration with Steve Reeve) - this is natural cider making that proves just how incredible cider made from non-traditional cider apples can be!


Dry, low in tannins, and with a wonderful orientation on acidity; these kinds of apples create the white wine of the cider world. From beautiful lively Pét-Nat, to the fascinating and truly unique Qvevri (Georgian clay amphora) approach to fermentation, this is something special. 


The case of 3 contains one bottle of the Black Label, one of Pét-Nat, and one bottle of Peaux de Pomme (if you have a preference, do let us know with a note at checkout). 


The case of 6 contains two bottles of the Black Label, two of Pét-Nat and two bottles of the Peaux de Pomme.


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