Spring Releases - Seasonal Selection

The Fine Cider Company Spring Releases - Seasonal Selection

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Spring is such a wonderful time of year; from winters challenge such amazing new things come. And where cider is concerned, it is the time of year when last seasons fruit, having been fermented across winter, starts to show its cards; as the new season releases really get rolling!


But good cider being a slow thing, it's not just young releases we have for you, but some fascinating aged ones, heading out into the wide world for the first time, at this most exuberant time of year! Look at this for a fascinating set of bottles, some young & exuberant, others aged & refined: 


This selection contains (selection of 3 bottles is also available, containing the bottles with an *): 

Oliver's Dabinett 2019

Pilton Tamoshanta 2016 

Wilding Cider Run Deep 2019 *

Starvecrow Qvevri Peaux du Pomme 2020 

Starvecrow Qvevri Peaux du Pinot 2020

Little Pomona Pét Nat Perry 2020 *

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