Our Light & Easy Selection

The Fine Cider Company Our Light & Easy Selection

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All wonderful, sumptuous bottles of cider or perry, but nothing too dry or tannic, wild or funky. 


If you're new to the world of fine cider & want somewhere safe (but glorious) to start, then this is the selection for you. 


Showcasing a mix of the best makers in the country; fruity flavours, succulent natural sweetness, & just some damn tasty bottles from the basis to this selection. 


Right now this selection contains:


Pilton Tamoshanta 2019 *

Pilton Pomme Pomme 2020

Pilton Pilton 2020

Oliver's Keeved Perry #8 2020 *

Oliver’s The Next Big Thing 2020

Butford Organics Aurora Perry 2020


Selection of 3 bottles is also available (containing the bottles with an *).

All the bottles are subject to availability, where the advertised vintage is not available we will substitute cider or perry for the next available vintage or a similar item

Christmas delivery: please make sure to order before the 20th of December for delivery ahead of Christmas! Free Shipping on all orders over £70. Free shipping on any size order for delivery to East or North East London (see shipping page for list of postcodes).

First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

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