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The Fine Cider Company House Cider Selection

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We've talked a nice bit lately about Pollination being the perfect House Cider for restaurants, that ideal, great-value one for drinking by the glass, like 'the house wine'. But this idea isn't limited to restaurants, nor draught cider - the key is offering something reliably wonderful at a great price, & that is the basis to this selection: 


We've put together a selection of bottles, looking to give you a mix of glorious ciders, from a mix of makers, but all brilliant value for money - each coming in at under £9 or less a bottle. 


And this selection is not just for those cider lovers among you - relishing the opportunity to stock your cellar with all the more cider, without breaking the bank - it's also a chance for those who are new to such cider, all the more of them, to be able to afford and explore the delights such cider can hold.

This selection contains:

Oliver's Yarlington Mill 2021

Pilton Tamoshanta 2020*

Oliver's Vintage 2020*

Pilton Pomme Pomme 2021

Little Pomona Table Cider 2019 *

Oliver's Lubrication 2021


Selection of 3 bottles is also available (containing the bottles with an *).


Getting a case of 6? Why not to add a box of Pollination cider for free shipping! 


Where the advertised vintage is not available we will substitute cider for the next available vintage or a similar item. 

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