Eves Cidery Albee Hill 2019

The Fine Cider Company Eves Cidery Albee Hill 2019

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Still Dry Fine Cider


Eve’s Cidery orchard sits in a glacially steepened valley, among rocky hills in New York State. The marks left by the glaciers are dominant features of the landscape: layers of exposed shale line cliff-like slopes rising from the gravely, cobble filled aquifer below. They serve as a constant reminder of the geological time at work.

The idea behind this cider comes from the question: can you taste a place? Each year Eve's harvest a field blend of apples grown on this rugged site, ferment them with native yeasts & bottle them simply; still & dry.


The powerful, linear structure of this cider reflects the layers of shale on which the trees grow, through the cracks in which they send their tough roots. Partially fermented on the lees in neutral barrels. Alc. 7% vol.

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