Dry Cider January Selection

The Fine Cider Company Dry Cider January Selection

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Dry January isn't for everyone - while there is nothing more important than your health, & making sure you have a healthy relationship with alcohol is not a thing to take lightly - in this cold & uncomfortable month having something nice to drink can simply be a delight; especially this year...!


With Christmas parties cancelled, you might also think you've been well enough behaved & healthy enough to give Dry January a miss! So to give you a nice alternative, we have put together a selection of fascinating dry ciders!!


Dry cider is often overlooked, or little understood; just as with wine, the dry side of the cider spectrum can have the greatest range of complexities! Its full-bodied depth can also be the perfect fit for this time of year!


So we have created a selection of bottles, that we think work particularly well in an Wintery way, from six wonderful cideries. This selection contains (selection of 3 bottles is also available, containing the bottles with an *): 

Little Pomona Col Fondo - Egremont Russet 2019 *

Wilding Cider Nempnett Thrubwell 2019

Gregg’s Pit Thorn Single Variety 2017 *

Starvecrow Islay 2018

Oliver’s Vintage 2018 *

Pilton TEN 2019

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