Do it Puritan Perry 2019

Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery Do it Puritan Perry 2019

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Sparkling Dry Fine Perry


A blend of predominantly the Gin Pear (so called because of its botanical nuances), but also with a little Butt, Oldfield & Rock. The juice was pressed into two fine & very active wine barrels; one ex-Meursault & the other ex-Sauternes. Then spontaneously fermented.


Each of the two barrels took very different paths: the Sauternes barrel, reflective of its previous contents, turned out to be something exotic & high toned, whilst the Meursault barrel became something refined & beautifully framed. Then, before bottling, a small amount of ultra-rich Cryo-extracted apple juice (pressed from frozen apples, to reduce the water content) was blended with the perry.


What came out is a super intense perry. It’s floral & herbal, citrussy, tropical, & candied with a funky twangAlc. 7.3% vol

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