Ditcheat Hill Single Orchard Selection 2019

Wilding Cider Ditcheat Hill Single Orchard Selection 2019

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Naturally Sparkling, Medium Sweet Fine Cider


The latest vintage of a wonderful single orchard cider, made using the best fruit from Wilding’s Ditcheat Hill orchard. A harmonious blend of handpicked cider apples: Yarlington Mill as the base, Browns used for acidity, Sweet Coppin for aroma & Ashton Brown Jersey for a little more backbone. 


The resulting cider is delicate & elegant with gentle soft tannins & bright acidity. Aromas of green apple, leather, orchard floor, with a hint of tropical fruit. Fermented with wild yeasts, with no sulphites, & no filtering or pasteurisation Alc. 4.2%. 

First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

No, but I'm working on it