Dabinett 2021 & Jonagold 2022

Townsend Farm Dabinett 2021 & Jonagold 2022

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Dry Sparkling Fine Cider


A fascinating bottle & blend of varieties; the meaty, savoury profile of the Dabinett, fermented across winter, and then conditioned with some fresh, light, tangy Jonagold juice the following year... Expect some classic Dabinett characteristics, savoury & full textured. It has been bottle conditioned with  apple juice from the Jonagold variety of 2022, adding some light, crisp aromatics and gentle fizz. 


At Townsend Farm, James Hall grows a ​variety of dessert & cider apples. Sat​ ​in ​the heart of ​Herefordshire​, they began exploring​ fermenting their juice, keen to see ​how early ​or​ late​ harvest, & low or high ​hanging ​fruit,​ impact the juice & the cider that results.

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