24 Moons

Pilton 24 Moons

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Sparkling Medium-Dry Blackcurrant Co-Ferment


24 Moons starts with a two year barrel-aged blackcurrant wine, originally pressed in 2018 & aged in an ex-whisky barrel since then. To this Pilton added a vintage dry cider that was aged in one of Yonder Brewing's mixed-ferm barrels, which added a delicate texture & a savoury character. Finally these tart & sour elements have then been lifted by the natural sweetnees from a generous dash of new season keeved cider.


Fresh fruit aroma on the nose. Followed by gentle acidity, balanced by soft keeved sweetness, with lots of barrel character on the long finish.  Made in a collaboration with a team behind Clapton Craft, of London. Fermented with wild yeasts Alc. 5.5% vol. 

First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

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