Cider Women Selection

The Fine Cider Company Cider Women Selection

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There are many people who’s brilliance should be celebrated more often, so as word about wonderful cider spreads, we wanted to celebrate some incredible cider makers, who are forging the future.  


These bottles come from three cideries, & each has something in common - a woman as a founder & maker. Together they represent the best of some of the UK’s most renowned cider making regions: Herefordshire, Somerset & Devon. This selection contains the following bottles (selection of 3 also available, containing the bottles marked with an *):


Susanna Forbes of Little Pomona:

Harvest 2019 & Egremont Russet Cognac Barrel 2020

Polly Hilton of Find & Foster:

Saison Pomme* & Allan 2020


Beccy Leach of Wilding Cider:

Stoke Red Single Variety #1 2020 * &  Perry Hill 2020


These are the bottles & cideries shaping the future of cider! Drawing by Aqsa Qureshi: Instagram @aqsaqdoesart

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