Chisel Jersey, Dabinett, Porter's Perfection 2018

Wilding Cider Chisel Jersey, Dabinett, Porter’s Perfection 2018

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Still, Bone Dry Fine Cider

A complex & full flavoured cider built around the Chisel Jersey apple - a very tannic cider apple variety that is certainly too much to handle by itself!


Chisel Jersey was paired with its half sister Dabinett, from the historic Abbot's Leigh orchard, & just enough Porter's Perfection to bring some fresh acidity & keep the fermentation stable. It was then aged for an average of nine months in ex red wine casks from a Portuguese natural winemaker, sailed over by ship. The result of the barrel time is extraordinary.


Bold tannins, long finish. Aromas of ripe fruit, spice, orchard floor, orange flesh, leather, old wood with impressive structure, depth & complexity. Fermented with wild yeasts, with no sulphites, and no filtering or pasteurisation. Drink at room temperature/not overly chilled. Alc. 7.8%

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