Cellarman Sam Cider & Cheese pairing selection

The Fine Cider Company Cellarman Sam Cider & Cheese pairing selection

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Cider & cheese makes for a marriage happier than any! When the pairing is perfect, the combination is unbeatable.  


As I (Felix Nash) & the wonderful cheesemonger Sam Wilkin (aka Cellarman Sam) intend to prove via an instagram live tasting on Saturday 9th of May at 8:30pm. 


We'll be pairing live, engaging the viewer to help find what works, & you can join in: simply order this set of ciders, & you can order the cheeses from the wonderful people at The Cheese Bar (click here to see the cheeses). 

This selection contains: Wilding Cider Stoke Red 2018, Oliver's Keeved Perry, & Find & Foster OAK 2017

Pictured here with the wonderful glassware of Richard Brendon, their Jancis Robinson x Richard Brendon range, which are wonderful for drinking fine cider (click here to view & buy their glassware online).


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First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

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