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The Fine Cider Company Celebration Selection

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For those time when you really want to drink or celebrate something special, when the well worn word Champagne would usually be bounced around, we have precisely the thing! A couple of these exceptional bottles were made with the Traditional Method (which is also known as the 'Champagne Method'); one is a cider (made in a 3 year process), the other a brilliant combination of pears and plums. The third, is an exceptionally good Keeved cider; meaning it has an incredible succulence, having retained some of the natural fruit sugars from the apple juiceThey are each something special, holding complexity & layers of flavour, not simply vibrant bubbles. So next time you have something to celebrate, celebrate with cider or perry! It'll feel that bit more special & unique..


This selection currently contains:

Two Orchards Traditional Method 2020 - 'Champagne' Method Cider  

Little Pomona Brut Rosé 2021 - 'Champagne' Method Perry 

Find & Foster Huxham 2022 - Keeved Cider

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