Bristol Cider Salon - mixed selection

The Fine Cider Company Bristol Cider Salon - mixed selection

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A selection of bottles that will lift the spirits of anyone who felt they missed out on The Bristol Cider Salon this year, or simply wants a unique bottles to sample, from some exciting new makers! 


From the southern coast in Hampshire, Tim at Charlie Herring make ciders very much influenced by the very vines on their estate. Along the coast in Cornwall, the young duo that make up Ripe cider are impressively showing what local Cornish apples can do. Then in the midlands Artistraw, in west Herefordshire, & IVOR, in Worcestershire, both source apples from old traditional orchards, hand picking & honing their craft.  


This selection contains 6 unique bottles (selection of 3 is containing the bottles with an *)

Ripe: St Cadix - Bottle conditioned dry cider. Abv 7.5% * 

Ripe's Trelovia 2021 Pet Nat  Abv 7.5% * 

Artistraw: Duffryn- Sparkling and medium cider. Abv 5.7%

Charlie Herring: Perfect Strangers 2019 - still cider, fermented on grape skins & matured on oak for 24 months. Abv 7.5% * 

IVOR: Late - Dry, late harvest, pet nat. Abv 6.5%  &

Early - Cider & perry blend naturally ferment, still and dry. Abv 5.5% * 

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