Winter Evening Selection

The Fine Cider Company Winter Evening Selection

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What is Winter? The days still hold 24 hours; but when the season really sets in only 8 or 9 of those hours hold daylight... When you think about it, it's such a drastic change of routine, of surroundings. But treat it right, & it holds it's wintry delights: the fabric of our day has temporarily changed, & a whole new kind of time opened up each evening; it can seem like half of each day is spent in the dark of the evening, after the sun has set...


From going outside when the weather might warn you off, to the sensations of sitting inside by the smoke & smell of a fire, this selection has been created with exactly such moments in mind. Choosing the perfect bottles for when you've wrapped up warm & gone outside, or just come in from the cold; when you've cooked a rich wintry dinner, & might soon head off to the land of slumber...


They have spice, & succulence - they'll warm your belly & your blood. They'll satisfy what your taste buds likely desire, on such cold winter nights...  

CASE OF 3 bottles contains: 

Brännland EMBER 2018 & 2019 

Oliver's Cider Mayflower Fifth Voyage 2019 

Pilton Jester 2020

And half a dozen of Aqsa's beautiful cards


Or, to really fortify your evenings, we have a CASE OF 4 bottles. Which also includes a bottle of Wilding Cider's incredible Orchard Spirit Eau de Vie 2019...

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