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The Fine Cider Company Selection of our latest releases

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Just as apples are the fruit of the orchard, so too is cider in some ways the fruit of the sun: it is under the sun that the apples grow & create the sugar that becomes this wonderful alcohol, yielding the glorious complexities of this conversion.

So perhaps it is no surprise that cider is the perfect summer wine; being summer’s most beautiful libation & companion, coming from the sun of one summer & often ready to be first drunk under the sun of the following summer.

In summer, the succulent or crisp delicacies of perry & sharp ciders, which are often youthful like spring & lower in alcohol, fit wonderfully to quench those first true thirsts of the returning sun. So we put together this selection, to showcase 6 latest releases from this brilliant time of year!

This selection contains: 

Nightingale Cider Company - Song Bird No3 2022 *

Starvecrow Cherry Carbo 2021

Oliver's The Next Big Thing 2022 *

Starvecrow Black Label - Natural Cyder 2020 

Wilding Cider November 2021

Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery To Boldly Go, Who Mourns for Grapes? *

of 3 bottles is also available (containing the bottles with an *).

Where the advertised vintage is not available we will substitute cider for the next available vintage or a similar item. 

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