Selection for the Festive Table

The Fine Cider Company Selection for the Festive Table

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It doesn't need to be Christmas day itself, this set of bottles has any wintry dinner covered; but it's particularly perfect for those festive dishes...


Lets take you through each of their uses:


Find & Foster Appellation 2019 *

- the bottle of bubbly, to toast Christmas -

Pilton Tamoshanta 2016 

- that afternoon one/the aperitif -

Wilding Commix 2019 

- the table cider, for the starters, or boxing day leftovers -

Little Pomona Epergne Russet 2020 *

- sumptuous acidity, great with the main-course -

Oliver's Mayflower Fifth Voyage 2019

- perfect with Christmas pudding/cake -

Brannland Barrique Ice Cider 2018 *

- the dessert wine -

Case of 3 also available, containing the bottles marked with an *. All the bottles are subject to availability, where the advertised item is not available we will substitute cider or perry for the next available vintage or a similar item.  

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